"Juliana is an incredible instructor. I am a teacher myself, and I am impressed with how supportive, encouraging, and engaging she is. I was nervous to begin vocal lessons...but she helped me become comfortable almost immediately and coached me to reach levels I never expected of myself.  Even though I moved across country, I still book lessons with her over the internet."  -Eric P

"...Juliana taught me how to manage my stress levels, how to identify when tension is limiting the freedom of my voice, how to sing in my high register (with which I was never comfortable before). ...Her coaching has life- and career-changing for me." -Cheryl K.

"...I learned more in 30 minutes than I had in months. I'd been trying a variety of singing programs including lessons, with little success until I met Juliana. I'm singing in a band now, and everyone notices the difference in my voice. I've taped my lessons, referring to them over and over... fun and jam packed with helpful tips and guidance." - P.E.

"After a lesson with Juliana I feel newly refreshed and inspired. The exercises she gives me help so much and I notice a huge difference in the quality of my voice when I practice them. In just a few months I have become so much more comfortable with my voice and have noticed great improvement." -Mattea M.

"...Juliana gave me permission to sound terrible in front of her. She's taught me that finding your voice can be an ugly, messy process and not to feel self-conscious. If you're highly motivated to learn how to sing but can't get over that fear of your own voice, Juliana will give you the tools you need." Nick B.

"In 30 minutes Juliana helped me more than multiple 'lessons' with another 'teacher' years ago. Maybe it's me - I know what I want to accomplish and it's very specific - but I really appreciate not being made to do standard stuff and instead receiving her undivided attention on me, and what I want to accomplish." -Bobby B.

"I can't believe how quickly my voice has so dramatically improved. I've literally gone into sessions (several times!) with songs I loved but couldn't sing, and walked out 45 minutes later hitting notes I didn't think were possible. Juliana is positive, encouraging, professional, and constantly challenges me to reach beyond my own expectations." -Kerry B.

"I've studied with Juliana for almost 2 years now and she's the best instructor I've ever had for anything. She teaches not only vocal technique but also musicianship and performance skills, among many other things. If you keep your eyes and ears open, you'll learn far more than you could imagine, as I have." -Robert M.

I went in with no expectations, and came out with a renewed joy in singing! Juliana clearly loves what she does, and she does it brilliantly - and that can't help but flow over into how I learn and how safe I feel to try something new and sound stupid! Her teaching style is amazingly effective and solid in technique. Don' get me wrong, she will challenge you and give you quite a workout. But in the end, you'll be amazed and how far you've come.

It took a lot of courage for me to begin this process as I have always been terribly shy as well.  Not only has she the technical knowledge of a master she also possesses the communication skills and genuine warmth of someone who truly cares about their work and the student's development and well-being, which creates a healthy environment for growth as the student "grasshopper" learns to jump high and come into their own.


Juliana gets results. I was really nervous going into this and not sure if I could even do it. I'm not a "real singer" but I love music and I've always wanted to be able to sing. Juliana made it easy for me to understand how to do things, and challenged me in a respectful way. I feel so much more comfortable now, as though music is finally mine. 

After decades of wondering if this was something I would be able to do, Juliana made it happen for me.  And it wasn't scary at all! She really pushed me in our sessions together so that when I performed, I had the confidence to stop worrying/thinking/agonizing and just sing.